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Rene Hair Strong Straightening Cream with Neutralizer (2x120ML)
Price RM12.90
Product SKU product-1599551954100
Brand Rene
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm
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Product Description

René Strong Straightening Cream is a unique and precision haircare formulafor all hair types. It's superb curl and fizzy straightening performance will impress even the most stubborn Curl. You'll have a more beautiful, smoother and shinier hair after consistent use.


This 2-Step formula is recommended for better manageable hair.



Without shampooing start treatment at back of the head to lengths and ends at about 10mm away from scalp.

DO NOT cover or Apply Heat.

Leaves it for 15 to 30 minutes depending on hair types.

Comb through with NON-METALLIC comb.

Rinse hairthoroughlywith clean running water (26C to 35C).

Apply Neutralizer (comes together in Dual-Pack) evenly onto hair.

Allow at least 10 minutes before combing starts.

Rinse offthoroughlyafter comb via clean running water.

Dry off with Clean Towel

Setting is required.


Note: Straightening Cream should only be used once every week at most. 2nd Straightening should be done at least after 7-days from first application. DO NOT DYE or HIGHLIGHT Hair within 24 hours after applying this product.