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FLOWER SECRET Argan Oil Treatment Shampoo (For Damaged, Fizzy, Dry Hair) 500ml
Price RM48.50
Product SKU product-1617782049744
Brand Flower Secret
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 10 cm x 30 cm
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⦁ Increased Moisture: The moisturizers and antioxidants in argan oil will help to add shine and beauty to your hair and eliminate dryness and frizz. The moisture it contains can also ease irritation caused by a dry scalp.
⦁ Elimination of Harmful Ingredients: Argan oil is safe and natural and most argan oil shampoos do not have any added ingredients that can harm hair or skin.
⦁ Added Protection: The oil protects hair from damage caused by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and other pollutants and particles in the atmosphere. It restores hair that has been previously damaged and brings it back to a healthier state.
⦁ Healthier Scalp: Argan oil will clean your scalp adequately so that pores aren’t blocked. This, along with argan oil’s high content of vitamins and nutrients, will give your scalp the nourishment it needs to promote hair growth.